What about trainings?

Please, be advised that this feature is currently available as a PREVIEW (beta) of the actual functionality planned. It's still under heavy development and will change substantially during the next few months! It's even possible that you may find some buttons or tabs invisible or disabled, depending upon the moment.

Trainings and sharing

Under 'Misc', in the side menu, you can access the management section for workouts and training models. Each user training can be created from scratch or based on a copy of a pre-existing training or from a model, which will be used as a starting base.

Each workout or user training model is tied to the user who created it, although it is possible to share it with someone who has been declared as a 'swimming buddy' (a training partner or a team member).

Normally, Goggles defines as 'training partners' ('Swimming buddy') all members of the same team automatically, but you can either remove, block or require (ask) the friendship of any other athlete that is a 'Goggler', that is, who has also a user in the system. (The sharing of any training is possible only between registered users.)

To edit the list of your training partners, just select from the side menu 'Swimming buddies'. From the list of users that appears, by clicking on a name you reach the corresponding swimmer Radiography, where you'll find the sharing option buttons.

Social buttons

The button to confirm/unconfirm the swimmer identity, is used to declare that you know personally that swimmer and that you think that the association between that swimmer and his or her user name is real. (Obviously, you can also de-confirm a user, if you think you've made a mistake or if you're not sure of his/her digital identity.) Currently, a confirmed user ('Goggler') can actually do little more than one 'normal', unconfirmed user - but, alas, he still gets our respect. :-)

By clicking on 'Remove' you eliminate completely the possibility of sharing - or the request (if this has not yet been accepted).

On the Radiography of a 'Goggler' swimmer, by clicking on 'Edit', you can edit the parameters of the friendship share (or of the friend request).

Creating and sharing custom race calendars has been currently only planned but not yet introduced.

Social edit

Trainings and training models

In the trainings search box, you can search them (for now) by description. The results are filtered only among those accessible (or shared) with the current user.

User training search

By clicking on 'PDF' you get the training printable file. By clicking on 'Copy' you will create a new workout using this one as the basis for the new one.

By clicking on 'I did this' you add a 'training story', which simply tells Goggles that you have performed that workout, together with a comment on your performance or on the training itself. In this way, you can create a journal of the workouts performed, but also you give Goggles the ability to keep track of your total meters swam and of how much you have been exercising during a sporting year.

Clicking on the button for adding a new training (or editing an existing one, if the current user owns it) leads you to the very complex training creation / modification form.

User training edit

This view allows you to create several custom rows of training by editing each individual parameters of each single row, and it allows you to reorder, or to group them by simply drag'n'drop a whole row.

The interface in its present form (which in any case is still temporary) is so complex that it discourages the less adventurous. But fear not: we are working on a couple of alternatives that we will show you in the future, as soon as possible.

Clicking on the name of a listed workout shows the details, with the relative buttons to download a printable copy, or to copy it as a new training of yours (whether it is a shared training or not), in order to change the contents.

User training show

If you own a training, of course, you also get displayed a button to edit it.

User training show1

Training 'stories'

A 'training story' is simply a record row that says that your user has performed that workout on a certain day, along with a possible comment.

User training stories

Goggles assumes that the total swim distance is the one for each stored workout. For this reason, if you are planning to redo the same training on more days and, maybe, just varying the distance on some day or another, you should create a unique training model to be copied onto multiple user trainings, or at least have more unique copies of the same workout, in order for each to indicate the actual distance swam.


When created, the training sessions held are briefly summarized in the dedicated sub-page of the Radiography of a swimmer.