FIN score computation

Under 'Misc', in the side menu, you can also find the FIN scores and timing calculations, as well as a friendly 'Duel in the Pool', with which you can check whether swimmers belonging to the same category ever matched themselves virtually, attending the same event.

FIN score calculation

Fin score calculation whole

If you are logged in with your user, many of the fields appear as pre-selected, but you can still change most of the parameters by pressing on each button on each row and by entering the timing that you whish to compute.

Pressing on the final 'Compute' button, Goggles returns the possible FIN score, based upon current Championship's record timings for the chosen event specialty.

FIN goal timing calculation

Fin time calculation whole

As before, if you are logged in with your user, many of the fields appear as pre-selected. To calculate the goal time you have to select all the parameters by pressing on each line with a button and entering the score that you would like to achieve.

Pressing the calculation button, Goggles returns the target time it takes to achieve the desired FIN score (for the current championship), for the selected event specialty and category type.

'Duel in the pool'

Duel in the pool

To see in which specialties two swimmers, belonging to the same category, attended the same meeting, start by entering at least 4 characters of the name for one athlete, and then select a name from the displayed drop-down list. If your target name does not appear, try to enter more and more characters. (Keep in mind that athletes are searched with the family name first.)

This can be a 'bloodless way' to check the progress of those you usually find yourself with in the same heat during call time. But, maybe, it can also be a way to bet a few beers (or whatever you want) ...