Meeting reservations

Please, be advised that this feature is currently available as a PREVIEW (beta) of the actual functionality planned. It's still under heavy development and will change substantially during the next few months! It's even possible that you may find some buttons or tabs invisible or disabled, depending upon the moment.

The 'meeting reservations' allow 'team manager'-enabled users to create and fill out a 'booking' sheet for each meeting in which the team whishes to attend.

(If your account is not enabled as a 'team-manager', you can simply ask us by e-mail. Check out the 'Contact' section on the side menu.)

Reservations button

The 'reservation sheet' thus created, currently, it's only used to obtain a printable PDF note, on which you can write down more comfortably the lap times during each event race. The actual registrations, of course, have still to be made through the usual federation channels by the team manager.

Nonetheless, we have found that having a tool just to keep track in a single place of anywho among the team members confirms or denies attending the meeting, simplifies a lot the life of the team manager. Not to mention having a convenient pre-filled paper on which write down each event lap timings...

Reservations edit

The reservation sheet is created with all the athletes enrolled in the teams that you are supervising. The 'team manager' can modify all the athletes fields and rows. Individual athletes can access the reservation sheet only if the team manager has created one before and each swimmer can only change the line that concerns him or her.

If a reservation sheet was created for any of the teams to which your user is affiliated, there will be available both the download button for the PDF sheet as well as the tab subpage to edit the same sheet.

Reservations tab