Radiography (team)

The main page of a Team's Radiography summarizes its known affiliations and the current contact information.

Radioteam main

Current swimmers

Radioteam swimmers

Another 'tab' inside the Team Radiography, is the list of its current swimmers. The list shows the overall race attendances as well as the current age, useful for relay category calculation.

Team records (Team best results)

Radioteam teambest

The best results of the team are divided by pool type, event specialties and distance.


Radioteam palmares

The 'Palmares' summarizes for the whole team the different championships attendance.


Radioteam gogglecup

The Goggle-Cup sub-page of a team's radiography shows the current status of the internal team championship (when defined).

Hall of Fame (GoggleCup)

Radioteam gogglecup history

The 'Hall of Fame' subpage of a Team's Radiography, shows the history of all internal championships attended. Clicking on the name of each GoggleCup leads the rankings for that year.