Radiography (swimmer)

Inside main Radiography page you can find a quick synopsis of the current known status of a swimmer.

Radio main

By clicking on the image on your personal Radiography page, you can customize your icon using the free service of Gravatar.com, where you are given the ability to assign an image to an e-mail, which must be obviously the same used for Goggles, in order for us to point to your new customized icon. If you do, you'll see your custom Gravatar icon on your page; conversely, we'll stick with the default Radiography image.

In the future, most likely, we'll enable also the direct upload of images; for the moment though, if you want to customize the icon, this is the only way.

FIN Supermaster gauge page

Radio supermaster

In the FIN Supermaster sub-page you can find the current account of a swimmer involved in the FIN Supermaster Championship. There you can also select other sports years to check prior championships results (if the data is acquired).

CSI Regional Championship gauge page

Radio csireg

In the 'CSI Regional' sub-page of the swimmer's Radiography there's the report about the CSI Regional Championship (when enrolled).

Goggle-Cup sub-page (swimmer)

'Goggle-Cups' are internal 'Team Championships', which can be activated on demand and customizable, starting from the name itself.

Radio gogglecup

In this example, CSI Swimming Ober Ferrari team has told us to define a Goggle-Cup, called 'Ober Cup', which, briefly, establishes an internal ranking for all swimmers in the team in the current academic year, considering just the best 5 results achieved. Scores are assigned by the FIN Regulation (thus, in milliseconds) and compared to previous results. The idea is to promote performance self-improvement. At the end of the academic year they make a dinner together where they award the final results.

The Goggle-Cup sub-page of the current swimmer, in this case, shows all the events taken into account for the calculation of the final score (where those ticked in green are the best 5 results), together with the base reference timing for each event.   =>(Goggle-Cups)

Medals / Hall of Fame

Radio medals

The medals Hall of Fame subpage offers a summary table of all medals obtained by a swimmer (based on the results acquired by Goggles) and divided by pool type and season.

Personal best

Radio personalbest

The 'personal best' page collects all the best performances of a swimmer, divided by pool type.

Clicking on each individual timing (when highlighted in blue) displays a pop-up with the lap-time passages (when inserted) for that result. Clicking on each meeting name brings you directly to the result page for that meeting.

History / Career

The 'Career' page shows all the races recorded for a swimmer, divided by pool type and event.

Radio history1 career

History / Performances

The 'Performances' page instead shows all the swimmer races but divided into several tables, one for each specialty.

Radio history2 results

In this way it is possible to obtain a bird's eye view over time for each type of race.


Please, be advised that this feature is currently available as a PREVIEW (beta) of the actual functionality planned. It's still under heavy development and will change substantially during the next few months! It's even possible that you may find some buttons or tabs invisible or disabled, depending upon the moment.

the Trainings page summarizes the total number of workouts stored by Goggles for a swimmer.

Radio trainings