Swimming pools

Under 'Misc', in the side menu, you can access the search page for all the pools and their reviews.

Pools search

The detail page that you get by clicking on the name of a pool, displays what is known about that pool, together the tab subpage containing the history list of all reviews (or notes) about it.

Pools details

Clicking on the Google Maps icon at the top right in the detail view of the pool, you reach Google Maps' page for the map to the pool, obtained according to the street address of the pool. (In the future we will use more precise coordinates.)

Pool reviews (or comments)

By clicking on the button to add a new comment in the 'reviews' tab (which only appears when you are logged in with your username), you reach a fillable form where you can enter what you remember of that pool or any comments you may whish to say about it. Just don't be a troll and try to be useful: if you see too many pools as we do, one late day you may whish you wrote down somewhere that you had to carry an extra lock for the locker room, a rubber mat or whatever. You get the point.

Pool review edit

When you access the details of a pool review, the comment is displayed in full, together with a couple of evaluation keys (positive or negative) about the comment. Clicking on the arrow up you upvote the comment as useful; clicking on the down arrow you downvote the comment as useless or harmful.

Pool review show

In case of particularly annoying comments, you can report them automatically, by simply pressing the 'Report' button.