Lap times or 'passages' timings

Goggles allows you to view the race passages (lap times) recorded by hand by the coach or team-manager of a team.


Once the race results are published in Goggles, if someone on the team has kept manual track of the lap times in some event, in order to enter them in Goggles your user must be enabled as a 'team-manager'. (Just ask us by e-mail if you are interested. Check out the 'Contact us' section in the side menu)

By logging-in with a 'team manager'-enabled user, when consulting the results of a meeting, you'll see the additional 'Passages' subpage tab, where you can edit the values of each individual lap time. (Just remember to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.)

Meetings passages

If the edited data storage is successful, the race lap times can be viewed by clicking on the timing of the result of the corresponding event. (The result timing will appear highlighted in blue as all links - check out the image at the top of the page.)