What about meetings?

Selecting 'Meetings' => 'All current meetings', you get a pre-filtered list of the currently available meeting events.

Meetings current

Clicking on each meeting name, when highlighted in blue, brings you directly to the results page, or the meeting start-list, or its invitation poster, depending upon what's currently available to us. Clicking on the name of the pool, on the other hand, brings you to the pool's details page.

If your user is also enabled as a 'team manager', the 'reservations sheet' button will appear when consulting any meeting list. This allows you to reach the 'reservations management' subpage for the chosen meeting. The 'reservations sheet' will serve as a printable list of those who will participate in the races for all the managed teams, in order to write down more easily the lap times for each race event.   =>(Reservations)

The results page of a meeting allows you to click on each athlete name in order to show the subpage regarding his or hers individual results (for the current meeting). This works too for the Team's name, bringing you to the overall results subpage for that team.

Meetings results

When logged in with your user, whenever you attended to the meeting you are currently browsing, Goggles will recognize your team, highlighting your teammates and allowing you to see the summary pages regarding your personal and team results for the current meeting.

Meetings results 1

If passages/lap-times are available (when entered by a team manager), a timing result will appear clickable (highlighted in blue), allowing to show each partial timing in a dedicated pop-up window.

The dedicated 'Team results' subpage displays all events of the current meeting for all team athletes, first summarized in alphabetical order for each swimmer, then enlisted for each race event.

Meetings teamresults

As in the meeting results page, clicking on the name of any swimmer highlighted here brings you back to the individual results subpage for that athlete.

Clicking on the Radiography icon next to the team name brings you to the Radiography page of the team itself.   =>(Radiography (team))

The Individual results subpage for a swimmer summarizes the specialty or event races choosen for the current meeting and compares the results with his/her best performances and with those obtained in previous editions of the same meeting.

Meetings swimmerresults

Clicking on the athlete's name in the title takes you directly to the Radiography page for the swimmer.   =>(Radiography (swimmer))   Clicking on the name of the team brings you back to the team score summary page.

If your user is enabled as a 'team manager' and there are results of one of your managed teams in the current meeting, then the 'Passages/Lap-times' tab will appear when consulting the results of a meeting, in order to enter each partial timing for the team members.   =>(Lap times or 'passages' timings)