How does this work?

With Goggles You can browse the results from the Master Swimming Championships currently active among several federations (FIN, FINA, LEN, CSI, ...). If a Championship Circuit or Federation is missing, You can bet that sooner or later we'll figure out a way to add it to the list of supported data results.

Goggles is totally free and is born from the passionate work of Master swimmers like you. We wanted a tool that showcased and archived thoroughly our results as no one had done before. So we put a lot of effort in it.

Goggles acquires, in a more or less automatic way, the Meetings results published on-line by the federations, but accepts also those supplied (by hand :-)) directly by volunteers, sometimes only available in paper format. (We obviously need volunteers to do this: if you have results and you want to publish them, please contact us via e-mail.)

The data is then linked together during acquisition and, when there's enough of it available, it allows Goggles to produce detailed statistics and performance reports over time for each one of the athletes participating in the competitions. We call this view the 'Radiography' of the swimmer. It is available for all the swimmers who have at least some published results, not only for users. (But being a user allows to show more details.)

In this way you can compare your current performances with the past or rediscover old results or forgotten personal records.

In order to state your identity to Goggles, when creating a user, you have the option to associate your account with a swimmer (if there are already any meeting results concerning him), thus allowing Goggles to showcase the data in more customized view, according to your team and the races that you made.

And, if you're also the coordinator of your swimming team, after registering your account, you can also ask us by e-mail to enable your account as a 'Team manager', so that you can then enter directly from the site the passage/lap times of yours and your friends or teammates.

As a 'team' manager, you can also access the interface to manage a convenient list of those who will participate or not to a specific meeting among all the members of the team. This allows you to eventually get a printable report, sorted by the events of the chosen Meeting, on which you'll be able to write down more easily all the passages or lap times of each race or event.

Goggles, among other things, allows the creation and the management of various training models, customizable, printable and sharable (in case you want it - but you can also decide to keep them secret and accessible only to you, just in case). Just keep in mind that the training management feature is still in 'beta' and it will be subject to strong restyling in the future. (But no training among those already entered will be deleted or edited.)

What can I do with Goggles?

A short overview

Inside the results pages You'll find, highlighted, your own results, your friends' and team mates'.

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Besides the overall heat results, you'll get dedicated sections for one of the attending Teams and Swimmers.

And, more over, beyond a mandatory Team ranking list, you'll get a handful of dedicated stats (both for swimmers and teams).


Goggles can also store and show You the lap times (the 'passages') painstakingly hand-recorded in between each pool turn by your burly team manager or by your beloving team mates.

You just have to send them to us in the format you prefer; after being inserted into the system, they'll appear as clickable links inside the result pages and will yield precious information for the page dedicated to your own performace.

Goggles has a dedicated Radiography page for each swimmer. Or, that is, 'Your history according to the Chronometer'.

It's a bunch of dedicated views and reports in which you'll (re-)discover Your own result history, both in chronological order (the 'career') or by swimming style and timing (the 'performances').


In a dedicated section You'll find the obligatory report about your best timings and records, divided and ordered by pool type (length) and swimming style, while, in another, You'll get your medal list, grouped by federation type and specialty.

But swimming is not just about individuals. Goggles would love to help you create a good team-mood. Thus, You'll find dedicated sections for your Team as well as for any of the Teams we have data acquired for.

Team radio

Beyond the overall medals and the list of currently associated swimmers, here You'll find the Team records, divided as usual by pool type and swimming style.

That is not all. Goggles can manage for you a 'Goggle Cup', a special internal Championship based upon each Team special achievements and records, to keep an eye upon your team mates and stimulate internal competition, just to give a little more spice to each Season.

Do you wanna know how many FIN table scores will yield You any given competition while you're still feeling it in your arms?

Goggles gives You the FIN table score calculator, using the currently defined base scoring tables of the Federation, updated for all swimming categories and specialties, while showing You your best seasonal timings and team records, just for that extra feedback you're always seeking.

Fin score calculation

And, least but not last, Goggles knows that Swimming is also science, method, commitment, beside (obviously) talent. But also, and why not, lenghty dinners spent with friends organizing trips and parties about the end of each Meeting.

While on the dinner and party stuff we are all obviously very skilled at (and we apply with great dedication), the tech, training & science stuff is not so obvious. It's always hard to keep track of your own trainings while trying to maintain a global vision of its goals.


This is why Goggles gives You also the possibility to store Your own trainings, and to review them any time you want, to analyze the volume, the composition and the overall quality.