'Goggle-Cups' are internal 'Team Championships', which can be activated on demand and customizable, starting from the name itself.

The GoggleCup status is displayed in (and divided into) both the swimmer's Radiography and the team's Radiography.

The swimmer's Radiography shows only the details concerning him; the team's Radiography displays the updated rankings and a 'Hall of Fame' of all previous Goggle-Cups held over the years.

Radio gogglecup

In this example, CSI Swimming Ober Ferrari team has told us to define a Goggle-Cup, called 'Ober Cup', which, briefly, establishes an internal ranking for all swimmers in the team in the current academic year, considering just the best 5 results achieved. Scores are assigned by the FIN Regulation (thus, in milliseconds) and compared to previous results. The idea is to promote performance self-improvement. At the end of the academic year they make a dinner together where they award the final results.

The Goggle-Cup sub-page of the current swimmer, in this case, shows all the events taken into account for the calculation of the final score (where those ticked in green are the best 5 results), together with the base reference timing for each event.

Radioteam gogglecup

The Goggle-Cup sub-page of a team's radiography shows the current status of the internal team championship (when defined).

Radioteam gogglecup history

The 'Hall of Fame' subpage of a Team's Radiography, shows the history of all internal championships attended. Clicking on the name of each GoggleCup leads the rankings for that year.