Main features

  • Search results through filtering of parameters, on the basis of fields or key words, or partial names. In particular:
    • Search meetings or results   => (What about meetings?)
    • Search swimmers
    • Search teams
    • Search pools, and write reviews about them or brief comments (in order to then remember how it was that pool frequented so long ago ...)   => (Swimming pools)
  • Collecting (and research) 'personal best' for any athlete, team, season or federation.
  • Swimmer Radiography: statistical summaries about the overall acquired results throughout the 'career' of the swimmer.   => (Radiography (swimmer))
  • Team Radiography: overall statistic summaries about all the Teams' swimmers, calculation of the best times inside the team and possibility to define internal 'custom' championships (Goggle-Cups).   => (Radiography (team))
  • Lap or 'passage' timings management: ability (for the team manager) to enter or edit the lap times for all athletes in a team participating in a meeting.   => (Lap times or 'passages' timings)
  • Meeting 'reservations' management: if you are a team manager, this allows you to to select who among the whole team will participate in a meeting, so you can then get a printable brochure on paper, on which you can write down easily each lap timing.   => (Reservations)
  • Trainings management (and research): create and manage training models, customizable for each user, with the possibility of printing, sharing and commenting after the execution, with an archive of performed workouts. (WORK IN PROGRESS)   => (What about trainings?)
  • Scores and objectives calculation: FIN score calculation based on time, or calculation of the time to reach in order to obtain a certain score; virtual relationship comparison between participants in same categories, for any particular event.   => (FIN score computation)