Calendar Circuito regionale Emilia master CSI 2019/2020

Meeting Date Warm up Begin Session events Swimming
  1A PROVA REGIONALE CSI 10-11-2019 14:15 15:00 200FS, 50BR, 100BT, 50FS, 4x50MX (Rel.) MIRANDOLA (8x25)
  2A PROVA REGIONALE CSI 15-03-2020 09:00 09:40 100FS, 50BT, 100IM, 4x50FS (Rel.) REGGIO NELL'EMILIA (6x25)
  3A PROVA REGIONALE CSI 24-05-2020 (*) 10:00 10:30 800FS BIBBIANO (6x25)
14:30 15:00 100IM, 50BK, 50FS, 4x50FS (Mix.Rel.)
Note: starred dates (*) and meetings without time scheduling should be considered as not confirmed