So, what this 'Goggles' is about?!?

Goggles is a site (duh!), completely free for all levels of Master swimmers. Open to all and free for all. From the most hard-workers, capable of training even more than once a day, to the ones who seldom take a bath in a Swimming Pool.

Swimming translates to Body, Passion but also Science. Training is fun, hard-work, sweat, dedication, but also quality and method. Swimming Meetings are a challenge, a goal to be reached, a limit to overcome, but also team mates and friends.

Goggles would like to be the place where you can browse all you swimming results, keep track of your history and check-out the lap passage data, store and analyze the trainings, find useful info on the Swimming Pools and Meetings and, perhaps, organize your group training or a quick swimming session while you're travelling around.

Goggles would love to share with everyone the Swimming Passion, while offering analysis tools, sharing everyone's experience and giving away some hints to improve your Swimming life.

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A bunch of friendly disclaimers to keep on your mind...

  • Remember to check out periodically the official web sites of the Federations or the meetings in which you are interested, just to know the actual and current Meeting dates and to get informed about any possible last minute changes.

  • We cannot guarantee (yet) a real-time update for both the dates and the actual places of all the registered Meetings. In other words: don't blame us if you ever miss a Meeting just because you thought it would be at a certain date, while the official web site published the re-scheduling and we didn't. It's your responsability to be correctly informed.

  • The data and the instruments that we give to our users are to be considered for 'personal use', with no claims of 'officiality', because although the data is acquired from the official results published by each federation, they could still contain mistakes. If something seems plainly wrong or 'it does not compute' for you, just tell us and we'll try to fix it as soon as we can.

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